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Off He Goes lyrics


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     Off He Goes
    >> Pearl Jam
        Know a man, his face seemed pulled and tense
    Like he's riding, on a motorbike in the strongest winds
    So I approach with tact, suggest that he should relax
    But he's always moving much too fast
    Said he'll see me on the flipside
    On this trip he's taken for a ride
    He's been taking too much on
    There he goes with his perfectly unkept clothes
    There he goes
    He's yet to come back, but I've seen his picture
    It doesn't look the same up on the rack
    We go way back
    And I wonder bout his insides
    Its like his thoughts are too big for his size
    He's been taken, where I don't know
    There he goes with his perfectly unkept hope
    There he goes
    And now I rub my eyes, for he has returned
    Seems my preconceptions are what, should've been burned
    For he still smiles, and he's still strong
    Nothing's changed but the surrounding bullshit, that has grown
    And now he's home, and we're laughing
    Like we always did my same old, same old friend
    Until a quarter to ten
    I saw the strain creep in
    He seems distracted and I know just what is going to happen next
    Before his first step, He's off again
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